INRETE focuses on customized solutions for managing highly complex Internet services.
Traffic Engineering
Solutions for managing complex Internet architectures

Delivering services on the Internet inevitably requires the highest standards of performance and IT security. Guaranteeing these service levels implies the adoption of complex architectures, with the consequent need for adequate management tools and solutions.
INRETE, thanks to decades of experience in this field, has "customizable" solutions for the "real-time" management of services (operation on routers, performance monitoring) and the "offline" handling of the problems of the dialog with the suppliers of connectivity and with the national and supra-national bodies responsible for governing the Internet (RIPE...).

Proactive control of Internet services

The effectiveness of proactive management is due to both the speed of detecting a possible malfunction and the ability to quickly identify and remove the cause.
INRETE, thanks to relevant in-house investments in research and development, has created a flexible observability platform. The several customized solutions can execute monitoring scripts, thus simulating a virtual user's behavior. The aim is to observe constantly how the online services are performing from an end-to-end perspective.
The solutions available can also deepen the level of investigation by segmenting the "end-to-end" chain into three main parts, access, transit, and application, effectively contributing to the solution of the service disruption.

Email and DNS
Email services compliant with GDPR protection standards

INRETE offers email services based on network connections, devices, and servers located exclusively within the Italian state, thus fully compliant with Italian and European legislation and regulations.
INRETE can provide the services from its infrastructure or install hardware and software at customer premises. The software for implementing PEC/eIDAS services is also part of the Inrete offer.

Tailored Infrastructure for AI/ML Operations

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are having a major impact on businesses across all industries. These technologies offer the potential to automate tasks, improve efficiency, and gain new insights. However, realizing the full potential of AI/ML requires a reliable and adaptable infrastructure.
INRETE is an ideal partner for the implementation and management of infrastructures designed specifically for AI/ML, ensuring that businesses get the most out of their investments in these technologies.

Design and optimization of network infrastructures for the metaverse

Currently, most corporate networks are not yet set up and sized to support metaverse applications in a collaborative and multi-user context.
INRETE owns the specific skills and expertise to be the perfect partner for the re-design, integration, and management of the underlying technological framework, capable of enabling the first experiments and applications in this innovative context.


INRETE was founded in 1994 in Italy during the first pioneering phase of the commercial Internet.
Nowadays, it still operates as an independent reality, with the same corporate structure, and as a technological boutique company.
INRETE focuses on supporting large companies and organizations in defining the architectures and the optimal management of connectivity and services on the Internet.